Recording/Classic Rock

Steve McQueen Band

Rock Bottom


Slack Alice

Syndicate of Soul

Curious George


Black Light


JG and the District


Machine Gun Rabbit

Big Shiny Band

Silly Wrabbit

Groove Demons

Flatline Phoenix

Bringin' Down The House

Zoo Lion

Dr Zeuss & the Blue Who's


Dangerous Cheese (80’s pop tribute)

The Ghetto Swans

The Two Bit Bandits w/Jae Fortier

Pistol Noon

Amber Fleury

Playground Zone

Red Mile High

Hot Tamales

Project Trilogy



Rock Show (Blink 182 tribute)


Shots Fired



The Boom Booms (indy)

Bloom (indy)

Pocket Dial

Rocky Mountain Fever

Pillow Fight

Even Odds

Bad Boys of Bedlam

Mojo Lisa

Cry Baby

Garret Barbuto

Sway Back

District 6 Last Call Leonard

Throttle Up




Recording/Classic Rock/Pop

Tragically Hip

Randy Bachman & Bachman-Turner


Matt Minglewood




Tom Cochrane

Kim Mitchell

Doug and the Slugs

Toronto feat: Holly Woods

Lee Aaron


Daring Greatly

Platinum Blonde

Jann Arden

Streetheart with Kenny Scheilds

Honeymoon Suite


Dr. Hook

April Wine

Quiet Riot

Cheap Trick

Sass Jordan

Bay City Rollers (Les KcKeowns)

The Kings


Jerry Doucette


Sweeney Todd and Nick Gilder


Show Bands R&B/Blues

Mocking Shadows

JK and the Static

Rondel Roberts

United Soul Developement


Oliver Miguel and the Revolucion

HB Wild


Grady Champion

Buck Wheat Zydeco

Wild T and the Spirit

Powder Blues Band

Five Alarm Funk

Downchild Blues Band

Johnny Summers

Gary Martin

Dino Martini's


Texas Flood/Paul Kype

Tim Williams

Jack Semple

Texas Flood

David Go-Go

Auntie Kate

Big Dave McClean

Reverend Raven & The Chain Smoking

                                            -Altar Boys



Blues Brothers Revue

Rock Bottom (80’s rock tribute)

Dangerous Cheese (80’s pop tribute)

Jersey Boulevard (Bon Jovi and Journey tribute)

Merqury (Queen tribute)

Britains Finest (Beatles Tribute)

Rock Show (Blink 182 tribute)

Something Wikked and Rainbow Tongue (80-90's rock revue)

Arrival Dreams (Abba & Fleetwood Mac)

Night Train (Gun’s N Roses)

Live Wire (Motley Crue)

High Shoulder Weeds (female fronted Hip tribute)

Night Fever (Bee Gee’s)

The Legend In Black (Johnny Cash)

Feel Like Shania (Shania Twain)

Forever Diamond (Neil Diamond)

Truly Tina (Tina Turner)

Another One Bites The Dust (Queen)

Bat Out Of Hell (Meatloaf)

Endless Summer Love (Beach Boys)

Burning the Ground (80’s pop

All You Need Is Love-Tribute to the Fab 4

The Led Zeppelin Show

Queenflash (Queen tribute)

Jersey Nights (Frankie Valie)

Diva/ Jacklyn Sparrow Band

Midnight Ramblers (stones tribute)

Abba Again (Abba tribute)

Bloody Well Right (Supertramp)

Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi)

Alter Ego (Montreal, 70-80-90’s pop)

Edward the Great (Iron Maiden)

The Doors Re-Opened (doors)

Zoo2k (U2 tribute)

Night Fever (Bee Gee’s)

Ray Charles Tribute Orchestra

Broken Toys (80’s rock tribute)

Yankee Rose (Van Halen/David Lee Roth)

Wonderland (tribute 1 hit wonders)


Country/Country Rock/Folk/Americana

Crystal Gayle

George Canyon

Nice Horse

Daring Greatly

Shannon Smith

Sweet Tequila

Lorie Kole

Wellington Folk

Wakeup Starlight

Tristan Horncastle

Crystal Shawanda

Sarah Beth Keeley

Abbey Powell

Steve Arsenault/Free Town

Shane Chisolm

Julian Austin

Jaydee Bixby

Mark Lorenz

Clayton Bellamy

Mandy Meyson

Tennessee 3 (Johnny Cash’s band/tribute)

Hey Romeo

Brett Kissel

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

The Poverty Plainsmen


Steve Pineo


Celtic and Fiddle/World




The Kimberlites

Kindered Spirits

Glascow Kiss-Kelly Stuart

Atlantic Storm

First In Line-Ray keny

Third Reel

One World Drum Co.

The Streels

The Nova Sctotiables

Pat Chessell Band


Fraied Knot

Irish Descendants

Jazz, Blues, Singles, Duos & Misc

Shayne YoungIvory Club Duelling Pianos

Wakeup Starlight (pop made acoustic)

Johanna Sillanpaa

Sheri Young


Anthony Blaine

Angie Hills

Johnny Summers

Gil Tougas

Ben Rose

Al Muierhead

Mike Lowes

Conrad Walz

Steve Churchill

Rod Medwid

2 Guys/Danny B

Greg Bolger

Tim Williams

Jae Fortier

Kathy Shane

New Soul

Scott Thielman

Al Barrett

Conrad Walz

Hurricane Felix (rock-a-billy)

Matt Blais

Jay Coda Walker

Kinjo Brothers

Brad Brewer

Los Morenos (latin)

Jara Mosca (latin)

Kabuki Guns Berlesque

Sugarbox Berlesque

Rhinestone Affair Berlesque

Cash Casino (Blackfoot)