Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Kyemara has been entertaining crowds for over 15 years and is schooled and comfortable performing in many musical genres including: Rock, Pop, Gospel, R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Blues and Soul.  Kyemara was an integral part of the hugely popular Calgary based female pop trio "Yomozo". (The Zo in Yomozo, her stage name back then was Zoe).

Kyemara averages over 100 shows a year and performs at a large variety of nightclubs, corporate and special events.  A true cameleon, Kyemara entertains and energizes crowds over a wider demographic than most bands and can read crowds to a tee.  This is evidenced by the fact that she is equally as popular performing in clubs catering to 35 to 50+ year olds as she is in ones that cater to a 20 to 35 year old crowd  

In just a few short years, Kyemara's has proven to be one of the regions top non recording act and has developed a large corporate clientele and fan base.  Looking to the future, Kyemara is currently shopping for producers and song writers to make the jump to a full fledge recording and touring act.

For more information please contact: Darcy Clendenning/ESP


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