To keep your bands available dates current with me bands need to do things using my system. A google calendar or other methods you may use may work well for you and/or your band but, It can be confusing and difficult for me to adapt to everyone else's way of reporting avails. Some bands want me to go to their web site, others want me to go to a google calendar, others want me to email them options. Often, these methods are not accurate or up to date and, keep in mind, I have to deal with many, many other bands!

The best way to keep me up to date is to send me an email with your bands name in the subject line and, detail available dates, your booked dates and venues and dates booked off for personal reasons.  After sending it to me, either save that email or, cut and paste that emails text in a .file for later recall.  When you updated your avails, add a date or book off a date, retrieve that file, update it and email me the updated version. I will save that email and delete any older ones thus, keeping your band current on my system.

This system has important benefits for you and/or your band...Firstly, it is a good way of keeping current between you and your band mates and, secondly.  Because I am current with your dates, I do not need to check with you to promote you to a client. Often, while trying to contact you and in turn, you cantacting band mates, dates are lost and are booked with another band or agent. Also, because I am receiving regular updates from you, your band is on my mind more often than it would be if I were not receiving regular updates and, this could mean more dates for you.

We receive a large amount of requests from bands for bookings from all over North America and internationaly on a daily basis..... Please do not be discouraged if you are not receiving bookings quickly or at all.  Just keep the updates coming.  Those who do report in will receive more consideration for dates than those who do not.  Persistence will pay off.

Bands who know us well and feel that they shouldn't have to report in, the above especially applies to you too.  I say this with a little bit of humor and a little bit of truth.  You probably are not as unique or special as you think you are....Remember, talent is common, entertainers are not.   

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