Alvin's Jazz Club

Band Info: Address 176 Mahogany Centre SE (in the Journey Club). Easy to get to but, for the first time you may want to google map the directions.   

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To all Alvin's musicians....Because Alvin's is located in the lobby of a seniors residence please note the following.....  In light of the virus scare, they need to confirm that all the members of the band haven’t been out of the country or live  with family members that were out of the country recently.  And that no one is showing symptoms.  It is probably best to also, bring disinfectant for the microphone balls or use your own

Parking:  Parking is on the street or underground parking.  Register at the concierge desk for 5 hours of free parking.  If you need more time the concierge can arrange more time.

Times: Thursdays 7-11pm unless otherwise notified. ,

Effective for the weekend of Feb 28-29, 2020 and subsequent weekends (not including Thursdays) sets shall be:

Set 1) 6:30 to 7:20pm

Set 2) 8:20 to 9:20pm

Set 3) 950 to 10:40pm

Riders: 50%off food and beverages.  Free pop, water juice, coffee, tea.  There is no formal green room however, there are lots of breakout spaces and in particular a nice one to the right of the bar with self serve cappuccino, latte machine.

Sound: There is a baby grande piano on stage, sound consists of: Mackie digital dl806 series mixer. 3 qsc cp12 mid hi cabs, 1-qsc double 12" sub, 3 qsc cp8 monitors.  Mid hi's and monitors are flown.  Microphone package consists of: 1 schure super 55 vintage microphone and straight stand.  Frankly, it does not sound that great.  Lots of whistle and breath noise.  It is mainly there for looks on stage.  Other mics include: 1 x schure kik mic and stand, 2 x akg c1ooo with 5 way adjustable boom stands.  These condenser mics for overhead on drums and the piano. 2 sennheiser 935 vocal mics and adjustable boom stands, there is a sennheiser mic bag on the wall unit/bookshelf with 2 regular mic clips if required.  here are 6 x 25' microphone cables placed on the bottom shelf of the wall unit/bookshelf at the rear of the stage.  Please leave the stage as follows:  One sennheiser microphone on its boom stand at stage centre and the vintage mic nearby and the piano left mic-ed up.  Leave the other vocal microphone, condenser and drum microphone on their stands but collapsed and placed at the rear of the stage behind the piano. If you do want to bring your own microphone and stands feel free to do so as long as they are presentable.  Please do not lose any of the microphone clips.

Mixer: There will be templates for basic set up and the ipad is easily accessible.  If you are not familiar with the mixer I would go to the following site for a quick tutorial at:  This mixer is limited in channels and may be swapped out for a 16 channel version if required but, frankly they just wanted to make it as simple as possible and 8 channels seem to be more than enough.  Only if there are drums in the program would we be using more than 4 channels and even then we are only using an overhead and kik microphone.  It is important to note that the band will need to be mic-ed up for background sound and side rooms even if it is not required for the main rooms mix.  For example, the piano is loud enough out front but not present at all in the side rooms if you don't.  Also, please note that each channel does have an analogue adjustable input knob at the top of the mixer.  These have to be at the same position as when you sound checked or your mix will not recall accurately to your last session.  For that reason we suggest all input knobs be left at 12 o'clock

Load In and Sound Check:  One hour prior to your show is ok however, if you are not comfortable with the mixer it would be preferred that you load in and sound check in the afternoon after 2pm and prior to 430pm

For now, (December 2019), Darcy is helping get the bands sound checked and established on the mixer.  Once established, the bands will be able to recall their last known settings (refer to video)  Again the mixer is super easy to use and there will be basic templates set up.  Eventually bands will be expected to manage their own sound.

Pay:  Your pay will be emailed on Saturdays or the day of your engagement.  Password is: "alvins"  all lower case.

Bookers Crab Shack & BBQ

Booker Band Info. If you have seen the stage you will know it is kind of narrow and there is a pole on the right hand side that makes things a little tight.  Set times: 2 x 75 min sets,9-10:15 and 10:45 to 12am.  Special events times may alter to 930-130am so check with Darcy to confirm. 

SOCIAL MEDIA:  It is expected that social media of your event is enthusiastically promoted in advance of your show.  At a bare minimum, postings etc. no later than the Monday before your engagement is mandatory

Load in must be in the afternoon.  If sound is being taken care of for you Sound man will set up the pa at approx. 230pm, band to arrive 3pm, the drummer can come a tad sooner if he likes.  If you are providing sound please adhere to the above load in times too. 

Volume is an issue so typically, we/you are mic'ing the kik and vocals only and tone match the bass and guitar amps.  We/you can di keyboards, accoustinc and other instruments if required. 

Please keep in mind that Booker's is firstly a Restaurant.  Again, please be respectful with the volume.  If any of your fans or relatives want to book tables for the night, please have them use Booker's reservation systems vs walking in and saying they are with the band. If they know they are coming, they will go out of their way to make sure they are looked after, which helps create a great experience above and beyond for them.

Please make arrangements with Darcy to receive your pay by entransfer.  Cash is no longer an option.   Have a great show.....

Canmore Hotel

BASIC GUIDLINES ONLY.  New details out soon....


LOAD-IN:    anytime after 3:00 pm.  Bands to be set up by 8:30 pm.
P.A., LIGHTS & SOUND TECH:  Supplied by venue.
SOUND CHECK:  Usually only a line check and monitor check is required.  Sound tech arrives at 9:00-ish...he'll tell you more.

Set 1) 10-10:45pm  (45min)
Set 2) 11:15-12:30am  (75min)
Set 3) 1:00-1:30am  (30min)

Set 1) 9:30-10:45pm  (75min)
Set 2) 11:15-12:30am  (75min)
Set 3) 1:00-1:30am  (30min)

ROOMS:  Check-in after 3:00pm   Check-out 12:00pm
PAY:  Bands will be paid each night after their show. Hotel reserve the right to withhold pay until rooms are inspected.
COMPS: Sorry no meals.



1) FOR DJ SETUP: Go to “show” button, top right corner of the software (similar to the bar)  On the bottom should be a template/snapshot of DJ Chad….Click on it and recall, asks if you want to recall go yes.

2) Make sure that the monitor rack that the mixer sits on is turned on.  That is the Furman Power Conditioner, the switch is under a switch cover far right of that unit (very top piece in rack)

3) Lights:  Someone has been unplugging the lights from the ceiling sockets.  (one on each side, rear ceiling, white cords)  That’s OK but, they can be left running 24/7.  Anyways if unplugged, they need to be plugged in. 

     Power to the light controller along with the mixer should be left on 24/7.  If it isn’t, power the light controller on. Switch is at the rear of the unit to the left.  Make sure mode is in SCENE and then either AUTO or MUSIC mode….I like MUSIC mode and adjust the sensitivity to go with the beat of the music.

     That is top right red rotary knob.  If the lights are blacked out, it will indicate that it is with a red light beside the BLACKOUT switch.  Turn it off and the lights should come up.

4) TURN ON THE SOUND:  Make sure speakers are turned on.  The hanging mid-hi speakers and the front lights power switch is on the remote control fob tied to the electrical conduit running up the wall just to the left and up from the mixer. (there is a dimmer switch dangling near the door…That is for the front lighting too.  You can tell if the speakers are on by looking for lights on the back of the speakers.  SUB SPEAKERS.  Subs need to be plugged in.  There is a male plug near the mixer on the floor.  Plug them in to the nearby plug on the stage near the front.  The ones taped down.  Just the one plug powers up both subs.  Check for indicator lights.

5) DJ needs to send his left and right outputs to channel 1 and 2.  Just unplug anything in those slots if they are used…  Go to the input knob, that is under the taped section at the top of the mixer. It is velcroed down to avoid accidental changes to those settings.  Make sure the input know is at 9oclock to start

    If he needs more gain he can turn it up in small increments.  Careful not to overpower things obviously.  If the DJ wants to plug in another input for monitors or cueing, he can do so.  Just note were DJ Chad had it plugged into.  I think channel 4.

6) AUX FED SUBS:  Similar to the speaker control in the bar.  Sub frequencies do not go to the mid hi’s.  They are controlled separately in AUX 6.  Clicking on Aux 6 you will notice Channel 1 and 2 have the sliders up and AUX 6 master on the right Is up.  If it is muted, you can unmute it.  Go back to the Mains

(L&R) that’s the button above all the Aux channels.  Now when you bring up Channels 1 and 2 (‘DJ feed) The sound will come up in the mid-hi’s and subs in proportion


The dj Chad setting should be ok for most any dj really….


I would suggest anyone using the pa, check out these utube instructional.  Some are on the older softwar but, explain the basics well….





Also, if you go to:   There are individual tutorials…One thru 8 that are good too….

Chairman's Steakhouse

188 Mahogany Gardens S.E. Directions: Head south on Deerfoot to Stoney Trail East.  Right on 52nd Street S.E. then left at the next set of lights onto Mahogany Gate.  Through the next set of lights to the traffic circle.  Take your first right off the circle then left at Chairman's which is about 100 yards down on your left after the traffic circle.  Take the first driveway.  Garage door will automatically open on your approach.  Chairman's is immediately on your right.  At present, load in through main elevator.  Please be very careful not to scratch walls or doors please.

Set times are: Fridays 7-11pm and Saturdays 8pm-12am.  Set up is n the lounge side against the wall to the left of the service bar and right beside the VIP room.  Volume is critical.  Conversation must still be comfortable with out having to strain over the sound.  Darcy will etransfer you pay Saturday.  


County Line - Town & Country Hotel

T & C Motor Hotel, 1825 50 Street SE

Loud in one hour prior to show time.  Show times: 930-130am, 3 x 60min sets

Note there is a house pa and tech.  Also, a house Yamaha 5 piece drum kit, bass rig and Traynor 50 watt twin with reverb guitar amp.  Drum kit is not optional.  It is mandatory.  Feel free to bring cymbals, stands, pedal, stool and snare.

Social media and marketing is exsprected

Pay: Darcy will etransfered or pay you in cash on Saturday night.

Elbow River Casino